I’m using tools that have good impact on my life. I hope you find them useful as well.

insight timer: guided meditation

freedom: block social media

  • I was attached to my phone. I wanted to be present. Wanted to keep my daughters away from screens by showing similar behaviour. I tried different things before freedom. This works for me.
  • I block anything that numbs my brain (social media, news etc) on all devices.
  • I schedule a tiny window of 15 minutes each day, but I use it less and less
  • I block email and slack on my phone from home. The laptop is fine for emergencies.

audible: audio books are not that bad!

  • I use it everywhere. Waiting in line. Driving. Subway.
  • I love walking long distances while listening to a good audiobook.
  • Whenever I end up realising that book X would potentially answer my question Y, I buy it and I eventually listen to it. So far it paid off!
  • Initially I couldn’t focus, my mind would wander. Meditation helped
  • I also read paper books, but it’s a bit of special occasion – I need to carve time

noom coach: stay fit

  • I’ve been trying to lose weight since forever
  • I learned mixing a malfunctioning thyroid with stress eating doesn’t help
  • I tried nutritionists, other apps, going to the gym.
  • It doesn’t just count the calories, it educates so in time you need it less and less.
  • I’m using the paid option. Lost almost 20kg so far.

mindmeister: mindmaps

  • I use mindmaps a lot
  • I use them to prepare for a speech, organise my thoughts, explore my options
  • Sometime I use mindmeister as a presentation tool
  • Most valuable usage so far is to map my stress in situations of high anxiety. I dump my worries on a mind map, then work on actions with a clear mind.